Licences for Bottling and Blending of Country Liquor Unit

Applicant possessing a Wholesale licence for Country Liquor can apply in a prescribed format addressing to The Commissioner of Excise, Government of Goa, Panaji Goa, along with relevant documents attached (as per Rule 53 read with Section 94 of The Goa Excise Duty Act & Rules, 1964).

Application should be submitted to the Excise Inspector of the Excise Station of a concerned Taluka.

List of documents:

  1. An application along with a court fee stamp of Rs.2/-.
  2. Copy of Wholesale licence of Country Liquor.
  3. Copy of Approval letter from the Commissioner of Excise, Government of Goa for grant of Wholesale licence.
  4. NOC from Primary Health Centre.
  5. NOC of Village Panchayat.
  6. Copy of Sketch Plan.
  7. Copy of Challan paid towards processing fees as applicable under the Goa Excise Duty Acts and Rule, 1964.