Procedure & Checklist for Label Registration/Renewal

1. Labels of Liquor brands are required to be registered/ renewal every financial year by the registered dealer so that the brands can be      manufactured, imported& sold in the State of Goa or can be exported from the State of Goa.

2. The labels are registered/renewed by the licence holder of the Distilleries, Breweries, Wineries, Country Liquor units, wholesalers Importers      and stockiest.

3. The labels needs to comply to the Rule 16 of the Goa Excise Duty Act 1964 and Rules.

4. The manufacturer/wholesaler can apply for recording or renewal of labels through Goa Excise Management System (GEMS) only.

5. The application received online is scrutinized and verified by the Excise Inspector incharge of the Unit/Station and Challan is issued for      payment of fees for label registration/renewal.

6. Along with the application, the dealer needs to upload scanned copied of label and paid challan copy.

7. The labels which are imported from other State or Country the dealer has to have an authority letter from the parent company to apply for      recording in the State of Goa, along with the approval letter and labels copies approved from the exporting State which are to be uploaded      with the application along with other documents.

8. In case of renewal, the labels which are proposed for renewal should be the replica of labels which are approved for last financial year.      Application for renewal of label has to be made on or before 31st March every financial year or else has to apply for fresh registration.

9. After the receipt of payment, the application is then forwarded online to the Head Office for processing and approval.