Establishment licence for setting up Distillery/ Winery

Application should be made in a prescribed format addressing to The Commissioner of Excise, Government of Goa, Panaji Goa, along with relevant documents attached.

 Application should be submitted to the Excise Inspector of the Excise Station of a concern Taluka.

 a) List of documents:

  1. An application along with a court fee stamp of Rs.2/-
  2. Project report.
  3. Memorandum of Articles of Association.
  4. Copy of Authorization letter in the name of Board of Directors
  5. Copy of list of Directors of the company.
  6. Affidavit from the company executed by Board of Directors.
  7. a.( III, IV, V & VI are applicable in case the applicant is a company)
  8. Partnership Deed in case the firm is partnership.
  9. Affidavit in case of sole Proprietorship.
  10. Copy of Sale deed.
  11. Form I & XIV.
  12. Copy of Survey Plan.
  13. Copy of Layout Plan for Distillery with description of the stills, apparatus, vessels and other utensils as the case may be.
  14. Certificate from Goa State Pollution Control Board.
  15. Estimated Cost of the Project.
  16. Estimated Capacity of Production.
  17. Copy of challan paid towards processing fees applicable as per the Goa Excise Duty Acts & Rule, 1964.


  b) Licences for Manufacture of IMFL/Wine


The applicant who possesses Establishment licence for Distillery/Winery can apply for a Manufacturing licence of IMFL /Wine.

The applicant has to pay the licence fee applicable as per the Goa Excise Duty Act & Rules, 1964.

c) Licence for Private Bonded warehouse

After possessing Manufacturing licence for IMFL /WINE , The applicant has to apply for Private Bonded Warehouse licences for 1) Storage of Alcohol and 2) Finished goods separately in prescribed format in Form E-10 (as per Goa Excise Duty Act & Rules, 1964)

The applicant should execute the bond in Form E-11 (as per Goa Excise Duty Act & Rules, 1964).

The applicant has to pay the licence fee as applicable under the Goa Excise Duty Acts and Rule, 1964 .