Category NameLicence DescriptionTotal Licence Issued
imfl manufacturing unitsbottling licence64
imfl manufacturing unitsmanufacturing licence69
imfl manufacturing unitsmanufacturing raw material2
imfl manufacturing unitsimport and sale of raw material1
breweriesbottling licence1
breweriesmanufacturing licence4
breweriesmicro brewery licence0
wineriesbottling licence22
wineriesmanufacturing licence22
country liquor unitsblending licence16
country liquor unitsbottling licence32
country liquor unitsmanufacture of cl using spirit3
country liquor unitsdistillation of cl1
country liquor unitsredistillation of cl2
wholesalewholesale imfl106
wholesalewholesale country liquor40
wholesalewholesale foreign liquor37
wholesalewholesale raw material0
packed bottlesretail sale of imfl & cl in packed bottles1517
packed bottlesretail sale of foreign liquor in packed bottles275
consumptionretail sale of imfl & cl for consumption4064
consumptionretail sale of foreign liquor for consumption294
consumptionretail sale of country liquor only for consumption8
medicinal and toilet preparation manufacturing licence0
medicinal and toilet preparation possession of spirit32
industrial unit possession of spirit0
canteenretail sale of packed bottles5
vesselimfl fl and cl for consumptio0