Licence is permission granted to an Individual/ Establishment, to manufacture, sale and possession of liquor on an authorised premises under The Goa Excise Duty Act, 1964 & Rules.

The following types of licences are issued by the Department of Excise on application;

  • Licence for Establishment/Manufacture of IMFL/Wine/Beer/Spirits.
  • Licence for Blending & Bottling of Country Liquor.
  • Licence for Private Bounded Warehouse
  • Licence for Wholesale of IMFL/Country Liquor/Foreign Liquor.
  • Licence for Retail Sale of IMFL/Country Liquor/Foreign Liquor in Packed Bottles.
  • Licence for Retail Sale of IMFL/Country Liquor/Foreign Liquor for Consumption.
  • Licence for Extraction of Cashew Juice.
  • Still Licence.
  • Licence for tree tapping.
  • Licence to possess 100 quarts bottles by an Individual and 200 quarts bottles by an Educational Institution for personal consumption and for educational purpose respectively within the State of Goa for the period of one year.

On completing all the formalities, such as scrutinising the documents as prescribed in the check-list provided by the department and physically inspecting proposed premises, the Excise Inspector of the concerned Excise Station forwards the application to the Head Office for approval. Only after verifying and fulfilling all the requirements, the Commissioner of Excise, grants permission for liquor licence, on payment of prescribed licence fees under provisions made in the Goa Excise Duty Act & Rules, 1964.

The Government has amended the Rule 90 of the Goa Excise Duty Act 1964 & Rules and has incorporated sub-Rule (11) wherein no licensee having a licence for Wholesale/Retail Sale of IMFL & CL and/or Foreign Liquor for Consumption/in packed bottles premises shall carry out the business in the “Name & Style” which denotes any “religious name”. This has to be incorporated in the body of the license.

As per Rule 104 of the Goa Excise Duty Act & Rule 1964, No liquor licence shall be transferred by any licencee to another person unless such person has procured a written permission from the Commissioner of Excise. Further if licensee is found to be subletting the premises to foreigners for running the business, then permission granted shall be summarily withdrawn.

The licence should be obtained by the applicant within 30 days from the date of receipt of communication letter.

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